American Sonny’s is looking forward to CWSE: ‘Europe has a lot of potential’

In the run-up to Car Wash Show Europe, the International Car Wash Association (ICA) is sharing a podcast in which American exhibitors look ahead to the show. In the first episode, Matt de Wolf from ICA talks to Robert Andre from Sonny’s. “We look forward to showing our face again on the European market.”

The podcast is called ‘Car Wash The Podcast’ and the theme for the coming weeks is Car Wash Show Europe. “I’m really excited about what’s going on this year in the European show, there’s a ton to look forward to”, says ICA Chief Marketing Officer Matt DeWolf at the beginning of the first episode. “So we thought it would be fun to grab a view of those US companies that will go across the pond in September to exhibit.”

In the first episode, Robert Andre, Senior Vice President Innovation at Sonny’s, explains why he is looking forward to Car Wash Show Europe. “This will be my second time going to the show. I went there back in 2019, before covid. And it was a great show, I really enjoyed it, i enjoyed meeting the people. So we are looking forward to come back, and re stretch our legs back into the European market after covid-19. Super excited to get back in to Europe, it’s the seconds largest car washing market after the US. There’s a lot of potential in Europe and we are excited to see what kind of opportunities lie there.”

Here is the link to the ICA podcast about Car Wash Show Europe.


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