Increase your success with CWSE knowledge sessions

In addition to a full exhibition floor with exhibitors from all over the world, Car Wash Show Europe has an extensive program of knowledge sessions. Divided over two days, relevant topics related to the car wash industry will be discussed. From the importance of a business plan to increasing customer loyalty and attracting and retaining good employees. 

The knowledge sessions will be held September 21 and 22 on the mainstage of Car Wash Show Europe. You don’t have to do this on an empty stomach. There are special breakfast sessions in the morning, combining the session with a small breakfast. Much of the sessions will be in English. shares some of the highlights. The full program can be found here.

New investor and the real return on investment

During the sessions you can find out how to create a business plan for a car wash that maximizes its profit potential. Robert Andre of American Sonny’s has been involved in product innovation for years and will provide some real-world examples, including confidential financial statements and statistics from private car washes. He will also tell you how you estimate project costs and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Build better car wash managers

There’s no denying that good managers are essential to the success of any car wash business. Claire Moore of the US-based Car Wash Association updates you on the importance of good managers for any car wash and how to develop skills to increase management success within the organization.

The future of washing cars: can we keep using water?

With dry, hot summers in Europe and many heat records worldwide, there is an increasing focus on sustainable water use. For car washes, it is important to look ahead in order to keep washing cars in the future. But how big is the problem for the industry and the need to address it as a business owner? And what are the solutions? Water experts Stijn Schouterden of Belgium’s BleuBlue and Klaus Steiner of Austria’s Inowa share their views.

Finding great talent in a challenging workforce

Christian Walzel of Mr. Wash from Germany takes a closer look at the recruitment of good staff in this session. How does a car wash get potential employees to come and work for the company and to stay?

The secret to a top quality wash when the environmental requirements become stricter

Water use, conservation and recycling are important topics in the industry and will become even more important in the coming years. How are chemical suppliers responding to this? What effects does water reduction have on car washes used in the car wash? And what about the quality of chemistry, at a time when it all has to be cleaner, more environmentally friendly and with less water? Mack Ewing of Turtle Wax Pro and Reggy Cox of Ma-Fra tell all about it.

Customer loyalty: how do you retain customers?

The car wash industry has undergone rapid development in recent years and competition between carwashes has increased dramatically as a result. The consumer is capricious: one time he washes at car wash a, the next time he washes at car wash b. How do you ensure that occasional visitors become regular customers? And in what ways can you attract and retain new customers? How important is a car wash subscription or a car wash pass? Anne Mauler of Soapy Joe’s Car Wash shares the secret to customer loyalty.

The largest car wash event in Europe will take place on September 21 and 22 in EXPO Greater Amsterdam. Will you be there? Sign up here and don’t miss out!


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American Sonny’s is looking forward to CWSE: ‘Europe has a lot of potential’

In the run-up to Car Wash Show Europe, the International Car Wash Association (ICA) is sharing a podcast in which American exhibitors look ahead to the show. In the first episode, Matt de Wolf from ICA talks to Robert Andre from Sonny’s. “We look forward to showing our face again on the European market.”

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