Car Wash Show Europe

Want more visitors at your car wash? Let me tell you how!

Eric Wulf

CEO International Carwash Association

Do you think you know everything about the car wash industry? Test yourself at the Car Wash Show Europe on 18 & 19 September in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Car Wash Show Europe features:

Meet the Car Wash Industry

More than 2.000 independent car wash entrepreneurs – especially conveyor/tunnel operators – from over 16 countries attended in 2017. The 2019 event will bring together the leading operators and suppliers for product displays, education and networking.

What to Expect?

✔️ Get new ideas by building relationships with car wash professionals from across the globe.
✔️ View new products from suppliers throughout Europe, North America and around the world.
✔️ Hear about the latest car washing trends, from the best operators and suppliers.
✔️ Learn about customer trends from the first multi-country European car wash survey.
✔️ Celebrate the awarding of the Car Wash Hall of Fame to industry legends.

For those who put car wash first, it’s the biggest event of the year!

The latest news from the Car Wash Industry!

The Impact of the Digital Age in the Carwash Industry Acccording to BTG

The digital age can be beneficial for a lot of customers but operators need to know their audience. If your customers aren’t ready for new payment methods make sure you fulfil their wishes. Operator Jochen Jäckel from Bundesverband für Tankstellen und Gewerbliche Autowäsche Deutschland e.V. (BTG) shares his vision regarding this topic. The team of… Read more ›

The Impact of the Digital Age in the Carwash Industry Acccording to Christ AG

Preventing malfunctions before they happen is possible thanks to developments arising from the digital age. Christ AG uses the data they collected to help carwash professionals. According to board member Alexander Christ the new technology can expand the lifespan of carwash equipment. He tells more about this topic in this video. The team of… Read more ›

The Impact of the Digital Age in the Carwash Industry Acccording to DICO

The digital age offers a lot of interesting opportunities according to operator Caren Börsch from DICO. Data collection gives useful insights in customer behaviour. The collection of data such as wash frequencies allows useful insights into customer behaviour which can be used to improve service levels. Börsch tells more about this topic in this video…. Read more ›

Programme at-a-Glance

Join the World’s Best

Car Wash Show Europe is the only event for car wash entrepreneurs – especially conveyor/tunnel operators and others who put car wash first! Join the world’s best car wash professionals to gain new ideas and learn about new products to grow your business… in one of the world’s greatest cities!

International Carwash Association exists to support the car wash industry and strengthen our community of retailers and suppliers. (ICA Mission Statement)

International Carwash Association (ICA) is the nonprofit trade group representing the retail and supplier segment of the professional car wash industry in North America and around the globe. ICA is governed by a sixteen member volunteer board of directors elected by the car wash industry, and managed by a professional staff headquartered in Chicago, Illinois USA. You can read ICA’s strategic plan here.

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