Turtle Wax Pro brings ceramics to Amsterdam

In the weeks leading up to the Car Wash Show Europe, we will publish a series of interviews with companies which will be present at the tradeshow in Amsterdam. First up is Turtle Wax Pro, a company that has been pushing the boundaries of car care products for over 75 years.

The Turtle Wax story began in 1946 – with the first-ever bottled car wax. Nowadays, the American car care brand is still a favorite among both private car owners and professional detailers.

In 2013, the Turtle Wax Professional Division became part of another family-owned company, Transchem Group. We asked Mack Ewing, who is director of Strategic Initiatives a few questions about their upcoming visit to the CWSE.

What are the main products you are bringing to Amsterdam?

“Turtle Wax Pro is bringing a full-range of innovative, high-quality car wash chemistry for all wash types. Our products are very efficient, which allows operators to use a small amount even in the toughest cleaning challenges. This makes our chemistry very cost-effective, despite delivering an amazing clean and shine to every vehicle.”

What will be a focus product/service and why is it special?

“At the show, we will be proudly featuring the Super Hard Shell Finish ceramic. Customers will notice a deep, lasting shine and the amazing scent of watermelon on their car. This allows operators to charge more for their washes while delivering a high-level of customer satisfaction that keeps them coming back week after the week. We will also be demonstrating our online learning platform, called Turtle Wax Pro Learn, that features more than 30 hours of video content to help distributors and operators learn more about the car wash industry.”

How big will your team in Amsterdam be?

“We will have the full family and executive team that owns and operates Turtle Wax Pro present for the show. They look forward to meeting new faces and spending time with existing customers to continue to show our commitment to the European and International markets.”

What do you expect from The Car Wash Show Europe in particular?

“We expect to meet with potential new distributor partners from across the globe. We are an organization that is very focused on building strong relationships with our distributors by supporting them with great products, training and technical expertise.

We also look forward to seeing our existing partners and spending time hearing about their opportunities, challenges and areas where we can support them and their success.

Finally, we are excited to see other supplier’s booths to learn what is new and support the overall growth of the industry in the European market.”

There are a lot of workshops and demonstrations at CWSE. Which theme or subject has your particular interest during the trade show?

“Turtle Wax Pro is always focused on combining innovation with customer feedback and market trends to deliver chemistry that solves for the needs of the operator.

We are particularly interested in workshops and demonstrations about global industry trends, how suppliers and operators are focused on sustainability and how new technologies are shaping the needs of consumers and operators.”


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