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Gheeraert opens second truck wash in Bruges, Belgium

Belgian transport company Gheeraert is expanding with a second truck wash for trucks in the region. The new location opened last weekend near the historic city of Bruges.

Gheeraert’s first truck wash was established 17 years ago in Loppem, in the Belgian province of West Flanders. “At some point it became way too busy there,” says Stephen Haeck, responsible within the company for garages and truck washes, to “That is the main reason why we are now opening a second one.”

The first truck wash is conveniently located along highway E40. Drivers who want to wash their trucks simply take exit 7 at Loppem. The second location is an industrial area, which sees a lot of transport and truck traffic. In the immediate area, there are not many competitors in the truck wash field. “That also makes it interesting for us,” Haeck adds.

Movie time
To celebrate the opening, the company has set up a number of playful promotions. For example, by posting a photo on social media of the new truck wash, drivers can win tickets to the movie theater.

Photo: Gheeraert

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