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Meet the sturdy new dispensers by CarBax

CarBax has just introduced two new self-service dispensers on the car wash market. The Slovakian manufacturer of washing technology is known for its sturdy design in robust stainless steel.

Carbax introduced their car wash products at several international trade fairs last year. At the same time, the Slovakian company from Nitra also managed to expand its product portfolio. Recently, they presented the CarBax Dispenser 4 and CarBax Towel Dispenser. Both devices complement each other and are suitable for car washes, service stations and parking lots and provide even more thorough care of vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Carbax Dispenser SB Wash

The CarBax Dispenser 4 is a solution for car washes and service stations that want to improve their cleaning service. This self-service detergent dispenser is designed to provide customers with an easy and convenient way to clean their vehicles.
It has four different cleaning products available:

  • plastic surface cleaner and regenerator
  • tire revitalizer
  • window cleaner
  • air freshener

“The cleaning products provided are carefully selected by the CarBax Chemical division, which conducts a thorough selection process and rigorous testing of each product to ensure that the equipment provides the best cleaning results,” the company explains.

For cleaning and detailing

The second introduction is actually an upgrade of their successful paper dispenser. The CarBax Towel Dispenser is more versatile and can provide not only paper towels but also synthetic or chamois wipes. This allows car wash customers to use the cloths for a variety of purposes, including applying cleaners for detailing purposes, drying surfaces and removing dust. It makes the perfect pair with the SB Wash dispenser.

The Internet of things

Don’t be deceived by their sturdy looks. Both devices can be monitored via the Internet, allowing operators to view statistics and configure device settings from a mobile device or computer without being physically present. The interactive system by CarBax provides a comprehensive overview of the unit’s operation and unrestricted access to the entire interface.

Car wash customers can choose from a variety of payment methods with the CarBax Dispenser 4 and CarBax Towel Dispenser, including an electronic coin acceptor, POS terminal and loyalty card system. The CarBax Card offers contactless and cashless payments. In addition, the ‘ANTIVANDAL KIT’ add-on is optionally available to enhance the security of the device and prevent unauthorized intrusion.

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