Car Wash Show Europe 2023

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Live blog CWSE 2019 | Day 2

The second day of the Car Wash Show Europe is in full swing. After a successful first day, we are now off to the second and last day of the show. Exciting new products and presentations await you. We will give you an inside look through this live blog today. 

10:00 The first stop of the day is at ACE Car Wash, the winner of Best Booth at the Car Wash Awards. The visitors voted for ACE as the company with the best booth. Service coordinator Xamira van der Burg at ACE says: “We were kind of expecting it. Or at least, we were hoping so.”
Fact is, you can’t miss the booth. The large booth features a bar, an open atmosphere and even a waterfall. Van der Burg: “We wanted to created a nice place. Visiting our booth should make you feel good. People should be able to network and talk to our experts at ease. The ACE team consists of eighteen people. We enjoy working together and we show it. Our partners are also at our booth. Be giving them a platform we want to emphasize that we offer our clients a complete concept. We’re here for every aspect of the car wash business.”

12:30 The Finnish Mika Alapiesa of Superoperator talked about optimizing and speeding up a car wash. This can be realized by digitizing which makes work processes smarter and more efficient. In his presentation he explained how he wants to help car wash entrepeneurs.

12:30 Jim Rennie of WashTec talked about WashTec’s linear technology. This innovation allows cars to be washed quicker and smarter, he says.

13:30 The workshop sessions concluded with Alan Nawoj from Beacon Mobile. He was the final speaker of the day. He talked about connected cars (which is something of a smart phone on wheels), the rise of wash clubs, payment methods and how all these trends are connected. Nawoj offers software solutions for this.

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