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Blast shows how digital signage can improve your business

Digital signage is modern way of advertisements as they appeal to a broad audience.  Blast is a Dutch company that provides a network of displays spread throughout Europe. Often they are placed strategically next to the entrance of car wash or petrol stations.

Car washes attract a large audience. People who want to wash their cars are patiently waiting their turn. During these few minutes real time digital content like the available wash programs are shown to engage and help customers with their buying decision. Of course, your content may be chosen as needed and desired. Why not give useful advice or great additional options or deals. Digital signage gives your company the opportunity to speak to your customer about what is important. For instance, why it is important to wash your car in the winter time, as well.  Not only does digital signage engage your customer, it also gives you a platform for upselling more of your products such as window cleaning cloths, gift cards or other related laundry products.

Car washes are often located near petrol stations which provides a great collaboration between companies to share referrals to each other’s products or services. Implementing a collaboration allows an extra source of income by selling digital display time for several parties to present their commercial content. Presenting content in real time at any time of the day is easy to plan and align with multiple parties.

The Blast Cloud Content Management System centralizes your content in one cloud based system that is then distributed to all your digital signage wherever and whenever you want. The content can be fully tailored to individual wishes and needs. Blast distinguishes itself from the traditional digital signage suppliers by specifically targeting the customer journey. The company can accurately assess the key moments and locations to captivate, influence and guide car wash visitors. Side by side with our customers we develop a business case based on the desired goals. We want to help you secure your investment and make sure your digital signage delivers maximum results.

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