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Tecnovap is specialised in steam solutions for the car cleaning industry

Tecnovap is an Italian manufacturer of steam cleaning equipment since 1984. The company is proud of it’s ‘100% Italian made’ craftsmanship. The products of Tecnovap are exported to over 70 countries of the world. Due to focused activities, continuous investments and extensive research the Italian manufacturer offers a wide assortment of steam generators and dedicated tools for various technical and functional solutions.

Tecnovap will be present at the Car Wash Show Europe that will take place on 18 and 19 September 2019 in Amsterdam. The company will present its range of products specifically designed for car detailing. You will find both operator used mobile models and stationary self-service units with power capacities from 3,65kw to 36kw.

The eco-sanitization can become an innovative proposal for your car wash center, car showroom, car body repair shop, tyre shop or gas station and increase your competitive power. The use of steam in car wash offers multiple benefits. Steam provides numerous advantages such as efficient interior cleaning without any drying time, no risk of mold creation and removal of bad smells. Fungus, bacteria and mites are problems of the past now. 


The innovation of Tecnovap is meant for sanitization, stains removal and the cleaning of hard-to-reach spots. Other aspects in which it stands out are dirt removal from pores and thus deep varnish cleaning and rims cleaning. Taking care of the environment is an important topic. Tecnovap specialised itself in huge reduction in water consumption, saving on chemicals and on wastewater disposal costs.

Steam generators can be used for cleaning of cars, motorbikes, campers, particular fleets (taxi, ambulances, car rentals). Mobile versions can be transported by a van and used for on-site cleaning services. The model Car Hygiene Plus represents the only machine on the market that allows the user to steam clean his car in self-service mode.

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