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MANTA CWS premiers easy to use worldwide self service car wash system

One of the latest trend in the car wash industry is the rising popularity of self service car washes in emerging markets. Selecting a self service car wash can be a difficult task since there are a lot of suppliers and models to choose from. Some big suppliers are traditionally based in the Western part of Europe, so the product itself is fitted for this market. MANTA CWS (car wash systems) is a supplier that aims to serve car wash entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Since the popularity of self service car washes is rising, the product line has to be adjusted to different markets. New markets in the north and east of Europe prefer a different approach. The traditional self service equipment doesn’t perfectly fit into these new markets.

The pressure and quality of the water for instance differs from other markets. Other aspects that require special care are the cold winters, electricity interruptions and lower customer incomes.

Optimized payments

The new markets are growing fast and prove that car washes are gaining popularity. They aren’t just a side product next to existing petrol stations. MANTA CWS is based in Lithuania and developed a self car wash that’s easy to operate and limits the waiting time for customers. The washing programs have a fast, standard and heavy dirt wash selection.

An optimized payment system allows customers to set their budget for each wash. Ensuring constant car wash operation MANTA CWS provides automated switches in case of technical components malfunction.

Different demands

A special three level antifreeze solution prevents machines from freezing even during the harshest winters. Unfreezing a self car wash is a tricky job and takes a lot of time and significant repair costs.

MANTA CWS developed a self service touchless car wash system that fulfills different demands from different car wash professionals from across the globe. This new machine will premiere at the Car Wash Show Europe.

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