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Sonax presents newest technology in paint sealant for use in car washes

Sonax will present its new paint sealant application for all automatic and self-service car washes on Car Wash Show Europe 2019. The Sonax Hypercoat High Gloss Protection is based on the CSi sealant technology which is not based on wax as a sealant component. The German company relies instead on a recipe based on especially high-performance carbon-silicon polymers.

Besides a nice gloss finish the spray sealant delivers a durable paint seal as well. The water-repellent pearling effect lasts for weeks. Sonax uses the term “beading” to describe this long-term effect of the product. The company is extremely proud of this innovative formula which surpasses all previous solutions according to the findings of the Sonax experts. Whereas the effectiveness of conventional spray-on sealant products decreases greatly after washing just once, the new product lasts significantly longer. The care effect is still visible after several weeks and more than three washes.

The product can be used in gantry car washes, portal car washes and self-service car washes. It is applied thinly after the main wash onto the still-wet paint, immediately creating a hydrophobic, water-repellent surface. The product bonds immediately with the paint surface and has a water-repellent effect on the car’s windows. Whereas classic wax sealants should be wiped off the windows, the Hypercoat formula improves visibility when driving in rain.

Better biodegradability

Then the vehicle is rinsed with clear water and dried. It can be employed both via the drier and the wax arch or as a better alternative for classic foam wax products. It is also ideally suitable as a replacement for conventional foam polishes and can be massaged into the wet vehicle surface by the washing brushes, according to the programme sequence.

The active ingredients of the new gloss product are contained in particularly high concentration, which guarantees low operating costs with minimal consumption figures of around 10-15 millilitres per vehicle. The product is free of catonic surfactants, that are difficult to biodegrade – so it is also superior to conventional formulas in terms of biodegradability.

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