Retrofitting of an existing carwash with INOWA System C4 BIO

When it comes to washing water treatments, it is not only the above-ground plant technology in the technical room that is important. The underground components also have a significant influence on the function of the overall system since this is where the basic cleaning stages are located.

If errors are already made here, they can often only be corrected by using plug-in filters or suction baskets, which increase the operational costs due to the time-consuming regular cleaning. By the appropriate design of the underground basins, flocculants can be dispensed with, which in turn reduces running costs and increases the profitability of the washing plant.

As a good example for this INOWA Abwassertechnologie GmbH from Germany had most recently a 50 meters long high-tech textile washing line located on Austria, near Salzburg, which was opened on December 20, 2014, which no longer met the high demands in terms of washing water quality and recycling rate.

Only solution

The regular removal of the biological growth in the washing hall is necessary to maintain the attractiveness of the plant for washing customers but caused considerable running costs for cleaning agents and working time on a frequent base.

The installation of a new biological washing water treatment system was the only solution to meet the requirements for cleanliness of the car wash and the personal washing experience of the customers.

Reducing downtime

The two new additionally integrated INOWA C4 Bio basins achieve a corresponding reduction of the organic substances in the washing water through targeted biological degradation in the bioreactor. The biologically purified process water ensures that deposits on the washing hall and the plant technology are massively reduced and unpleasant odours of the process water are also prevented. During operation, the C4 Bio System requires hardly any service or maintenance.

As a result, the operating costs are reduced because both the treatment plant and the components of the washing plant have a longer service life. On the other hand, the attractivity for the customers was increased and down times are reduced, which was giving an increased potential revenue.


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