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The Impact of the Digital Age in the Carwash Industry Acccording to BTG

The digital age can be beneficial for a lot of customers but operators need to know their audience. If your customers aren’t ready for new payment methods make sure you fulfil their wishes. Operator Jochen Jäckel from Bundesverband für Tankstellen und Gewerbliche Autowäsche Deutschland e.V. (BTG) shares his vision regarding this topic.

The team of spoke with representatives of different carwash companies during the Tankstelle & Mittelstand trade fair. In this video series companies like WashTec, Christ, DICO and Nilfisk share their visions concerning the digital age. The video is spoken in German, but can be watched with English subtitles.

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The Impact of the Digital Age in the Carwash Industry According to WashTec

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