Extendas and Mokobouw present collaboration at CSE 2019

Visiting The Car Wash Show Europe 2019 (CSE 2019) is the ideal occasion for checking out the latest innovations and meeting colleagues from all over the world. The third edition of this event will take place on 18 and 19 September in De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. The Dutch software company Extendas and Mokobouw will present their cooperation plans.

Extendas has been active for many years in the petrol market. The software company helps organizations with their administrative, logistical and financial processes. More recently the number of washing facilities that request Extendas’ help increased. “CSE 2019 appeals to us because we can meet our customers”, according to marketing manager Marieke Beld.

Extendas thinks outside the box and explores the possibilities of operating on an international level. “This tradeshow is an international event which is very interesting for us. We participate not only to promote our products and systems but also to gain knowledge and to establish partnerships. We want to get to know all the players and parties in the market and explore our opportunities for future cooperations.”

Charging stations

Setting up partnerships is not a new affair for Extendas. The software company has recently joined forces with Mokobouw. “This company operates in the petrochemical industry. At The Car Wash Show Europe we share a stand together where we present our smart cash register system and show a charging station from Tritium”, states Beld.

Mokobouw is a distributor for pumps and installations of Gilbarco Veeder Root. Last October the American company announced that it started a partnership with Tritium. This is an Australian producer of fast charging stations. Mokobouw distributes this 50 kW fast charging station for fuels and car washes. “We want to show what charging stations can do for the car wash industry,” explains Beld.


According to Leon Jeekel, responsible for sales and marketing at Mokobouw, the need for charging points increases. “The sector is very curious about the developments in the field of electric driving. Has the time come to invest in charging points? This is definitely a hot item at the moment. We have to respond to the rise of electric mobility. The electric vehicle fleet is growing and demands more charging points.” Jeekel expects the number of charging stations at gas stations to increase rapidly in the near future: “The investment in a fast-charging station is relatively modest and moreover well-arranged. Especially if you compare the costs with, for example, a hydrogen installation.”

By installing charging points entrepreneurs in the petrol and car wash sectors, among others, can offer a higher level of service. Beld: “More and more electric cars are being added and it would be a shame if entrepreneurs do not respond to this development. When you are a carwash owner, you could offer your customers the option to charge their electric car while vacuuming their vehicle. Thereby, you offer an extra service that your customers will certainly appreciate. This is just one of many examples of possibilities concerning providing service. We show a number of options at the CSE 2019.”

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