The Car Wash Hall of Fame Award Nominations are open

The most prestigious award in the car wash branche is The Car Wash Hall of Fame Award. Since 1962 this award praises those car wash professionals, operators as well as suppliers, who have made a lasting impact on the professional car wash industry. Individuals are recognised at the association’s conventions, The Car Wash Show and Car Wash Show Europe.

The Award is the industry and association’s highest honor. The selection is based on criteria like leadership, collaboration and longevity. Leadership means the candidate should be widely recognised as a successful leader in their market or field, or have successfully led their organisation to a leadership position. When nominated for collaboration the candidate should have demonstrated a willingness to help others to be successful in the car wash business.


Longevity means the candidate should have established a “full career” in the car wash business. Other character traits which are important for nominees are industry support and innovation. Industry Support means the candidate should have served on car wash association boards or committees or supported industry programs. To succeed in innovation the candidate should have brought new thinking, ideas or products/processes to the car wash business.

Industry legend

In 2018 Roy Wakefield of Mr. Car Wash in Houston, Texas received the award and was inducted into the Car Wash Hall of Fame. Wakefield is considered to be a industry legend. If you want to nominate a candidate for The Car Wash Hall of Fame Award you can click here and fill in the form.

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