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‘Car Wash Show Europe is unlike any other event due to its focus on car wash entrepreneurs’

An event any car wash fanatic can’t afford to miss is Car Wash Show Europe. This trade fair will be held at De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam in the Netherlands on September 17 and 18. ProMedia Group will organise the event in cooperation with the International Carwash Association. CEO Eric Wulf from International Carwash Association gives a sneak peak of what to expect from the event.

What will be the greatest difference between the upcoming edition and the previous version of Car Wash Show Europe?
“For our visitors and exhibitors, the biggest difference is going to be the new venue – it will be unlike any other car wash event they’ve attended! De Kromhouthal provides an opportunity to give a real ‘car wash feel’ to Car Wash Show Europe, with a location that’s even closer to the city centre of Amsterdam. Our opening event will be at the hall, at the adjacent restaurant which is on the water. It’s a truly special place.”

What makes this event so special and what is the USP of The Car Wash Show Europe?
“Another unique aspect of the show are the seminars and networking events. Other fairs might offer supplier presentations, whereas Car Wash Show Europe features operators who are sharing the latest innovations and ideas from around the world. The car wash tours and evening events add to the ability of car wash operators to meet new people and gain ideas.”

Why can’t you afford to miss this event?
“Well, if your business doesn’t need any new ideas, then perhaps you can afford to miss the event. But… that’s not the case for most. Car Wash Show Europe is unlike any other event due to its focus on car wash entrepreneurs (particularly conveyor operators) and blend of European and American participants. This means that the audience is relevant and unique – exactly the group from which the best ideas will originate. You won’t find this in the German petrol-focused fairs.”

Can you give a sneak peak about what to expect? Are there’s special guests for example?
“I would look forward to two days of ‘car wash immersion’ – the most focused gathering of car wash operators and suppliers anywhere in Europe. Products, seminars, ideas and friendships – all located in a great venue in one of the world’s great cities!”

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