Join The Car Wash Dinner with 200 international car wash professionals

After the first exhibition day, Thursday 21 September, you can join us at The Car Wash Dinner at an exclusive location near Expo Greater Amsterdam. This is the opportunity to mix with your industry colleagues. During your registration, you will have the opportunity to choose the paid option to attend this part of the Carwash Show Europe 2023.

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  • 10 min social-walk to the location (with musical accompaniment)
  • Expand your network and meet new industry colleagues
  • Extravagant BBQ, open bar and live music!

Program of the evening 

  • 18:00: Social walk to the location
  • 18:15: Welcome drink & live entertainment
  • 18:30: Opening of the evening by the organizer of Car Wash Show Europe
  • 18:45: Start dinner
  • 19:45: Award Ceremony
  • 20:00: Live music
  • 21.30: End of the program

Award Show

A number of prestigious awards will be presented during Car Wash Show Europe 2023, including the award for Innovation of the Year 2023. This award is divided into three categories: sustainability, digitalisation and technology. Anyone can participate and vote, so nominate yourself or someone else and participate!

Finalist innovation awards

History of the location

The location of the The Car Wash Dinner will remain a secret. We can however tell you it’s history… The building is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam, a 19th-century line of defense around the capital. The Defense Line consists of a ring of forts, batteries, numerous dikes, locks and inundation polders. With the threat of an enemy army, dikes would be breached and a gigantic ring of water was created. The Defense Line is a pinnacle of defensive and hydraulic engineering and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996 that must be preserved for future generations.

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