Car Wash Show Europe 2023

EXPO Greater Amsterdamthe Netherlands

Car Wash Innovation of the Year Award

A number of prestigious awards will be presented during Car Wash Show Europe 2023, including the award for Innovation of the Year 2023. This award is divided into three categories: sustainability, digitalisation and technology. Anyone can participate and vote, so nominate yourself or someone else and participate!

The award for Sustainable Innovation of the Year relates to the most sustainable innovations in the car wash industry. From smart water systems that can reduce water consumption in the car wash, to sustainable chemistry, gadgets and other energy-efficient solutions.

Within the second category, the award for Digital Innovation of the Year is presented, and it is all about the digital innovations for car wash entrepreneurs across Europe. Think of customer apps, the use of AI to be able to plan and manage everything within the car wash, payment systems, subscription washing, security and lucrative business- and marketing plans.

The Technology Innovation of the Year award goes to the best innovation in the field of car wash technology. That can be innovative car wash systems for tunnel washing or wash bays. But also, for example, systems for vacuum cleaning and the conveyor technology. The technical systems that really make the difference for European car washes in 2023, have a chance to win this title.

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